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10 Things That Destroy Your Relationship


10 Things That Destroy Your Relationship

In order to enjoy a healthy, stable and lasting love relationship, both partners need to put their own efforts into it and be prepared to make efforts to preserve the love that unites them and overcome the small problems of everyday life. In fact, there are certain habits that should be avoided at all costs because of their disastrous effect on love relationships. Let’s discover them! The 10 things that destroy love relationships :

1 – Arguing in public

Not all couples, even the most solid, can escape the small daily disputes. However, doing so in public and giving third parties the opportunity to intervene in the intimate affairs of the couple is a devastating habit that should be avoided at all costs. Not only will this aggravate the problem, but it will also cause both partners to become stubborn and to want to win the argument rather than find a solution to it.

2 – Clinging to the past

Each of us has a past that has allowed us to mature and learn lessons. But sometimes those lessons are so hard that it is hard to forget them and move on. In some cases, one or both partners are trapped by their past and make their current partner pay for their ex’s mistakes. Such behaviour is unfair and will only serve to ruin present relationships. Therefore, before getting involved in a new love relationship, each partner must be able to definitively turn the page of his or her past.

3 – Excessive jealousy

Jealousy is a natural feeling that arises from our willingness to protect our loved one and our fear of losing them. Often considered a sign of love, it can however turn into possessiveness, or even obsession, and thus destroy the relationship and the partner of which it is the object. If your partner is not behaving strangely in any way that might make you think you’re in love with him or her, then you need to control your jealousy and not allow it to take control of your mind.

4 – How to use the intimate relationship as a means of pressure

Making love is an intimate act that allows couples to find each other and strengthen their bonds of attachment, but when it becomes a means of pressure or acts as a system of reward and punishment, the relationship is in danger. A partner who conditions his or her sexual life on material matters or on certain behaviours of his or her partner, signs the death warrant of their relationship. Frolicking is not meant to be paid for!

5 – Lack of support

As a couple, we share almost every aspect of our lives and personalities. It is therefore not uncommon for one partner to feel weak and overwhelmed and need to feel understood and supported. But when a person prefers to avoid their partner when he or she is going through difficult times and is never there when he or she needs them, this is a sign of a relationship that is going badly and a lack of empathy within the couple.

6 – No eye contact

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” which is why we all like to look a person in the eye when we talk to them. In addition, by making eye contact, we show the person in front of us that they have our full attention and that we are listening to what they have to say. Otherwise, this shows a lack of interest and the person feels rejected and unwanted.

7 – Lack of trust in each other

Trust is a pillar of a healthy and stable love relationship and is as important as love itself. So if trust does not exist in a couple, or if one partner sees harm in everything the other does, the other will constantly see himself or herself in the role of the accused, which will tire him or her out in the long run and push him or her to end the toxic relationship.

8 – Dissatisfaction and constant complaints

Some people have the annoying habit of always wanting and asking for more without ever being satisfied with what they have or what others do for them, which leads to constant complaints. Unfortunately, living with such people is exhausting and generally ends up consuming the positive energy of those around them, especially their partner, who prefers to end the relationship.

9 – Being in love with oneself

We all have self-esteem, which is the basis of a balanced personality. However, when it becomes excessive and takes over the feelings felt towards one’s partner, family, friends, etc., it turns into egocentricity. This leads to selfish behaviour and a violent willingness to put one’s interests and needs first, no matter what the other person thinks or feels. If you notice that your relationship has only one core, it is time to step back. A healthy couple is made up of two partners who are on an equal footing.

10 – Don’t spend time with two

With the preoccupations of daily life, it is sometimes difficult to have time to spend with a lover. But when this rhythm leads to a total absence of contact and a gradual reduction in the manifestations of tenderness and affection, it unintentionally creates a chasm within the couple and causes the cooling of the couple’s feelings. It is thus necessary to take care to devote time to his partner, to speak to him, to cuddle him and to reassure him on his importance and the depth of the feelings felt towards him.

















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